One day you will have to go through!

If not for yourself
than for the sake of your children and grandchildren
and it will also be for the sake of yourself
as well as for the whole world.

If you are no longer walking around
like an active volcano
you will be the present for the world,
you were meant to be.

This will be the day,
you no longer have to
hide from the world.

Yes it might be
that it is our parents duty
but they already lived too long with it
that they can not even see
that there is pain or rage or whatever it is.

But you,
you awakened to the world
through the world,
you can take it,
you can do it.

Also for your parents sake
and you grandparents sake
For your children and grandchildren,
as well as for yourself.

Maybe it will not look like
having won the first price
but it will be for the freedom
of all that was hidden behind the carpet
for too long.

Finally it will lead
to more joy,
more contentment
more freedom
more health and wealth etc.

Within you,
within your children and grandchildren
within your parents and grandparents,
within the whole world.

So please remember
these words
and take action
instead of resting in activity
which does not lead you
to what you are really dreaming of.

Kavitha – 2018

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