I bow down on my knees
in front of a woman,
a very strong,
a loving and caring woman and mother,
who knows about the holiness
of the holy family,
that was ready to „fight“ for it,
that was really ready to live it,
to bring it down to earth,
and that finally accepted,
that it was not possible
not in that way!
It was not possible,
when she would have to give up
what is her destiny,
what is here duty
in this life,
because it would have meant,
that she would do the same thing,
our mothers and grandmothers did,
to leave our own heart
and to follow the heart of another.
I know it is a hard decision,
to leave the man you love the most,
in order to bring into life
what is within you.
And I thank you that you still stand here,
to guide us – men and women-
to help to find our own truth,
because that is all that matters.

Thank you, dear woman!

˜ Kavitha˜

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